Wow! Can you believe it!! A ukulele group in the heart of Delmarva.  We gather for fun and for strumming. Always ready to learn something new!

No pressures. No judgement. If you are new to playing or you are advanced and you want to play with others, come join us!


  1. Hi everyone, My name is Jean and I live in Crisfield. When I get back to Crisfield in late April from Georgia I need to find people to play ukulele with. Does anyone live closer to Crisfield than Smyrna? I play in a group inGeorgia in the winter. I LOVE it! I have a soprano. I’m new at it but improving!
    Help!!! I’m so afraid no one is near me in far far away Crisfield!
    Thanks for existing! …hoping to hear from someone.


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